Ten years of positive outcomes.

Silver Oak Academy provides a safe, normalized middle and high school environment where students develop their skills with the help of supportive faculty and staff. Our graduates get jobs, succeed in school and return to alumni events, proud to tell us of what they have accomplished. Through our strong public-private partnership with the state’s resources, talented workforce, supportive communities and progressive policies, Silver Oak offers youth a chance to receive a quality education, to discover a passion in sports, the arts or vocations, and (most importantly) the chance for rehabilitation and reintegration.


  • Dramatic decrease in re-offenses in graduates
  • Dramatic increase in protective factors


  • Hundreds of high school diplomas and GEDs awarded since inception
  • SOA students doubled their academic growth in reading and math


  • Kahlert Hall, a specialized transitional living house, offers aftercare services and independent living skills
  • 100% employed, enlisted or enrolled upon graduation

How we do it:

In order to be effective, we have learned that partnerships work best, and we embrace the fact that our services will continue to evolve according to the latest research, state initiatives and the needs of our students. We have expanded the services we offer to increase family engagement, and have embraced trauma-responsive care. We work to bring hope, independence and citizenship to future generations.