Relationships and Responsibility

Silver Oak involves the community as much as possible to develop our student’s values of relationship building, community building and responsibility. SOA students volunteer with 24 charities and organizations – they have constructed homes in partnership with Habitat for Humanity, worked in soup and food kitchens to donate food to the needy, have volunteered at community centers and an annual domestic abuse awareness event.

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is the fund-raising committee of the School Board of Silver Oak Academy. The mission of the CAB is to enhance youth’s success through the development of organizational relationships, establishment of mutually beneficial business partnerships and increased community awareness.

Members of the CAB provide their professional expertise; their diverse knowledge and perspectives; their connections to local, national and international resources, colleagues and peers; their philanthropic support and their time and energy to support the mission and vision of Silver Oak Academy.

Our CAB members include Besty Baker, Roxana Harlow, Larnell Simpson, Re. Daryl Foster, Delmas Wood, Charles Collyer Ph.D, and Jaclyn Mathias-Jones.

Improving Lives Through


Silver Oak Academy has formed partnerships with several community entities to increase the number of opportunities for our students to learn, grow and succeed. These partnerships enrich every aspect of our program and help us to fulfill our mission to improve the lives of youth, families and communities.